About Me

Hi there, I’m Kevin Ogola upcoming filmmaker, film director, public relations officer , talent manager, I do casting for different agencies and production houses, East Africa Film Network Ambassador, Founder of Africa Top Talent Management and co-owner Zindua Agency, Arusha Africa Film Festival 2016 Publicist Coordinator and Jumuiya Actors Publicity Officer.


  • Award Winner at 48 Hour Film Festival Nairobi Edition(Best Use of Character) 2015
  •  I’m EAFN (East Africa Film Network) and East Africa Community Ambassador (EAC)
  •  I have an International acting certificate after successful completion of Film workshop in Arusha which included different countries representatives. Directors from USA and Nigeria were in charge.
  •  Judge in the A 1000 Hills Film Academy Awards in Kigali 2014.
  •  I’m the publicity coordinator for Arusha African Film Festival.

I have the following capabilities

  • Strong film and television background
  • Worked for seven years as a performer
  • Carries a decent reputation in the film and movie fraternity
  • Solid understanding about the script requirement and working with the casting department
  • Knowledge of the technical aspects of film, commercial and TV production
  • Skilled in organizing, coordinating and conducting casting process
  • Ability to conduct audition of actors
  • Skilled in scheduling callbacks and re-arranging auditions for performers


2012: Guinness TVC
2013: Safaricom Kenya TVC
2014: Duracoat Kenya TVC
2014: Tusker TVC
2018: Sanlam TVC

1. 2014: Karen Blixen – Somali Man (Supporting) Octavia Media Production
2. 2014, Love Ransom – Policeman (Featured) Zamaradi Production
3. 2014: Clandestine – MC (Featured) Zamaradi Production
4. 2013: Dinner will served late – Cop (Featured) Zamaradi Production
5. 2013: I do -Detective (Featured) Zamaradi Production
6. 2014: Tomorrow – Senior Police (Featured) Zamaradi Production
7. 2014: Power of Belief – Mr. Rapha (Featured) Ebru TV Production
8. 2014: The Office – Mr. Bob Mambo (Lead Cast) Kingplatypus Film
9. 2015: Rungu – Amayo (Main Cast) Arusha African Film Festival Production
10. 2015: Gereji matata – Peter (Supporting) Spillworks Media
11. 2015: Dada- PoliceMan( Supporting) Spillworks Media
12. 2015: Keeping the Appearance Tony (Featured Cast) Spillworks Media
13. 2015: Sirudi Ng’o – Mr. Juma (Main Cast) Spillworks Media

2013-2014, Sumu La Penzi Kenneths Bodyguard (Supporting) Spillworks Media
2014, Jane and Abel CID (Featured) Spillworks Media Production
2014: Satalal Government Official (Featured) Triple Edge Media
2014: Urembo City Council Official (Featured) Spillworks Media Production

Safaricom TVC my App Niko na Loans and Savings – Mochez Models
Betin Kenya TVC and Print Niko Home, Let’s Play -Zindua Agency
Airtel Tubonge TVC – Zhuri Agency
Safaricom AD -Where will we go next -Zhuri Agency
Safaricom Mpesa to TVC – Ajuma Ltd
ICEA Lion Insurance -Zhuri Agency
Showmax AD how to use Showmax – Ajuma Ltd
Msafi Washing Powder AD – Zhuri Agency
Mega Dollar AD – Zhuri Agency
UBER Print Commercial – Zindua Agency
Pambazuka TVC – Zindua Agency
Downy TVC – Mochez Models
Stanchat TVC – Zindua Agency
Amana TVC – Zindua Agency
Brookside TVC – Mochez Models
Femiplan TVC – Zindua Agency
Disconnect Movie – Zhuri Agency
– Safaricom New Data Commercial – Ajuma Ltd
– Valon pure as mother as love – Ajuma Ltd
– Omo Amini Mngaro Challenge – Ajuma Ltd
-Safaricom BNFM – Ajuma Ltd
– Airtel Smartika – Ajuma Ltd
– Cerevita – Zindua Agency
– Zuku (Unstopable) – Zhuri Agency
– Kenya cane – Zhuri Agency
– Pan Africa Print and TVC( SANLAM) – – Ajuma Ltd
– Kenya Orient – Zhuri Agency
– Google TVC And Print – Zhuri Agency
– Isuzu TVC and Print – Zhuri Agency
– Nuteez Peanut – Zindua Agency
– Meticannon – Zindua Agency
– CBA TVC – Zindua Agency
– East Africa Newspaper – Zhuri Agency
Liberty Insurance Print and TV pop ups – Zindua Agency

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